Our Staff


Rachel Yukich – Program Manager


Bahiyyih Egeli – Afternoon Supervisor

Danielle Criddle – Lion’s Hall Site Supervisor

Lucy Ewart – Morning Supervisor/ Pirate Portable Support Worker

Kayla Gruntman – Morning Supervisor/ Rockstar Portable Leader


Lily Copeland – Rockstar Portable Leader

Cheyenne Duguay – Rockstar Portable Leader

Anna Robertson- Rockstar Portable Support Worker

Kim O’Neill – Rockstar Portable Support Worker

Karl Carriere – Pirate Portable Leader

Sarah Knight – Pirate Portable Leader

Alicia Hill – Pirate Portable Leader

Julia Bolster – Ninja Portable Leader

Hannah Sharples – Ninja Portable Leader

Dallas Vigue – Ninja Portable Leader

Alycia Streifel – Dragon Portable Leader

Alison Junger – Lion’s Hall Leader

Sarai Stevens – Morning Leader

Owen Farkvam – Morning Leader

Maddy Lister – Morning Leader

Jeremy da Silva – Morning Leader

Jessica Bouthillier – Morning Leader

Alynn Dagg – Morning Leader

Jill Kendrick-Cook – Substitute Leader

Erin McMillan – Substitute Leader

Gavin Duque-Holland – Substitute Leader

Shelby Bouthillier – Substitute Leader

Rebecca Tran – Substitute Leader

James Leff – Substitute Leader

Meghan Keene – Substitute Leader

Vanessa Guerra – Substitute Leader

Bryan Cornwell – Substitute Leader

Julia Bukovec – Substitute Leader

Tayler Jernslet – Substitute Leader

Amelie Francis – Substitute Leader


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