Current Member Re-Confirmation Forms

Just a reminder that we will begin accepting re-confirmation forms from current members starting on March 1st. All of the forms you will need to re-confirm your space in care are included at the end of this post, and hard copies will also be available from the Pirate Portable later this week. You may submit the forms via email or in person.

Please take the time between now and March 1st to review the Registration Information Sheet and the Parent Handbook. Both of these documents have been updated with new information.

Unlike the waitlist for new members, re-confirmation is not “first come, first served.” As long as you submit your forms within the re-confirmation period (March 1st – 15th), you will keep your space in the 2020-21 school year, so no need to line up at dawn to beat the rush. 🙂

You may also submit registration forms for younger siblings at this time. Please make sure to fill out a complete registration package for any children who have not previously attended KOSC. If your child is already attending KOSC or has done so in the past, we do NOT require the full registration package, just the re-confirmation form and PAD agreement.

As part of the re-confirmation process, we ask that you take a moment to check over your child’s registration file and confirm that all of the information is up-to-date (phone numbers, authorized pick-ups, etc). If your child has a care plan for allergies or other medical conditions, we also ask that you confirm that the plan is still in place, as well as any changes in protocol. If you are submitting your forms via email, please make sure to stop by sometime during the re-confirmation period to review and update your file.

A PAD agreement for the 2020-21 school year is required to complete your re-confirmation. If you are submitting one PAD agreement for multiple children in the same family, please ensure that all children’s names are included on the form. Please note that if a PAD agreement is not completed, we will be unable to complete your re-confirmation and your child’s spot will not be confirmed.

As previously mentioned, KOSC is changing our fee structure this year and we are no longer charging pro-rated fees for months in which school holidays occur. Instead, we have calculated a reduction of fees for the pro-rated months which will be averaged out throughout all ten months of the school year.

We have also changed the way in which Pro-D Days are billed; it is now a flat rate of $35/day for all families. However, families who are enrolled in both full-time After School Care and full-time Before School Care will see an additional reduction in their fees to compensate for this change. Registration for Pro-D Days is still separate from registration in Before and After School Care and must be submitted starting on the first day of the school year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to another awesome year at KOSC!

Re-Confirmation Package 2020-21

Fees 2020-21

PAD Agreement Instructions 2020-21

PAD Authorization 2020-21

Parent Handbook 2020-21

Registration Information Sheet 2020-21

Registration Package 2020-21 (for younger siblings starting in September 2020)

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