Winter Break Camp Calendar!

We will begin taking registration for our Winter Break Camp program at 7:00am on Monday, November 23rd. Here are the registration forms and information!

Here is our calendar of planned activities for Winter Break Camp. Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be going on any field trips.

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Current Member Re-Confirmation Forms

Just a reminder that we will begin accepting re-confirmation forms from current members starting on March 1st. All of the forms you will need to re-confirm your space in care are included at the end of this post, and hard copies will also be available from the Pirate Portable later this week. You may submit the forms via email or in person.

Please take the time between now and March 1st to review the Registration Information Sheet and the Parent Handbook. Both of these documents have been updated with new information.

Unlike the waitlist for new members, re-confirmation is not “first come, first served.” As long as you submit your forms within the re-confirmation period (March 1st – 15th), you will keep your space in the 2020-21 school year, so no need to line up at dawn to beat the rush. 🙂

You may also submit registration forms for younger siblings at this time. Please make sure to fill out a complete registration package for any children who have not previously attended KOSC. If your child is already attending KOSC or has done so in the past, we do NOT require the full registration package, just the re-confirmation form and PAD agreement.

As part of the re-confirmation process, we ask that you take a moment to check over your child’s registration file and confirm that all of the information is up-to-date (phone numbers, authorized pick-ups, etc). If your child has a care plan for allergies or other medical conditions, we also ask that you confirm that the plan is still in place, as well as any changes in protocol. If you are submitting your forms via email, please make sure to stop by sometime during the re-confirmation period to review and update your file.

A PAD agreement for the 2020-21 school year is required to complete your re-confirmation. If you are submitting one PAD agreement for multiple children in the same family, please ensure that all children’s names are included on the form. Please note that if a PAD agreement is not completed, we will be unable to complete your re-confirmation and your child’s spot will not be confirmed.

As previously mentioned, KOSC is changing our fee structure this year and we are no longer charging pro-rated fees for months in which school holidays occur. Instead, we have calculated a reduction of fees for the pro-rated months which will be averaged out throughout all ten months of the school year.

We have also changed the way in which Pro-D Days are billed; it is now a flat rate of $35/day for all families. However, families who are enrolled in both full-time After School Care and full-time Before School Care will see an additional reduction in their fees to compensate for this change. Registration for Pro-D Days is still separate from registration in Before and After School Care and must be submitted starting on the first day of the school year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to another awesome year at KOSC!

Re-Confirmation Package 2020-21

Fees 2020-21

PAD Agreement Instructions 2020-21

PAD Authorization 2020-21

Parent Handbook 2020-21

Registration Information Sheet 2020-21

Registration Package 2020-21 (for younger siblings starting in September 2020)

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COVID-19 Update and Reminders

As you are likely aware, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced some additional measures last week in response to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the province, including a mask mandate for retail settings and other indoor public spaces. This mandate specifically exempted schools from the mask requirement, and at the moment there is not a lot of guidance in regards to what does or does not apply to childcare facilities, as we are neither a retail setting nor a public space. That being said, I believe that this is a good time to review KOSC’s health and safety protocols in regards to COVID-19.

– Children are not required to wear masks; that is up to parents’ personal choice and discretion.

– Children will continue to be encouraged to maintain physical distancing from children who are not in their cohort, taking cues from the school’s protocols.

– Staff are highly encouraged to wear masks in common spaces when other adults are present. This includes the room where 2:00 meetings are held, the kitchen, and any rooms that are being passed through on the way to the washroom.

– Staff are reminded to practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet from other staff, parents, and children as much as possible. When this is not possible due to close quarters, mask usage is highly encouraged.

– Staff are reminded to sanitize high-touch surfaces at minimum twice per day; sign-in table and other surfaces should be sanitized between uses or clean pens provided.

– Parents are respectfully requested to wear masks when entering KOSC buildings for any reason (for example, to sign out children).

– Parents are respectfully reminded to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from staff and other parents during pick-up and drop-off times.

– Anyone who is experiencing key symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, chills, cough or worsening of chronic cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting) should not enter the facility until symptoms have improved or a health assessment has been sought.

– Anyone who has returned from travel outside Canada in the last 14 days or who has been asked to self-isolate should not enter the facility.

– The COVID-19 protocols are in addition to the regular KOSC illness policy outlined in the Parent Handbook. If a child is showing symptoms of a communicable disease, they should be kept home or alternate care arrangements should be made, even if they are not experiencing key symptoms of COVID-19. While colds and other infectious illnesses may not be a global public health threat, we still do not want them spreading through our centre.  đź™‚

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We will continue to keep a watch on all advisories and developments as the pandemic continues to run its course, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times.

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IMPORTANT: KOSC Update for Return-to-School

As you are likely aware, schools have released additional information about the return-to-class plan that will be implemented in September. The KOSC Board of Directors had a special meeting last night (Thursday, August 27th) to discuss what this means for our program.

After careful consideration, the Board and KOSC management have decided that our centre will be closed for the orientation week (September 8th through 11th), as it is not logistically feasible for KOSC to provide care during this time. This week of closure will allow KOSC to implement procedures that better align with the school’s approach, especially in regards to maintaining consistency between in-school learning groups and room placements in Before and After School Care. We will be reducing September fees for all families to reflect the days of closure.

KOSC will reopen for Before and After School Care on Monday, September 14th. Prior to the reopening date, families will receive updated COVID-19 Health and Wellness Policies and Protocols with additional information regarding room placements, sign-in and sign-out locations and procedures, social distancing and use of personal protective equipment, etc.

For children entering Kindergarten who are registered in Before and/or After School Care, Gradual Entry care will be available during the school day on Monday, September 14th and Tuesday, September 15th at no extra charge. KOSC staff will escort children in care to and from their scheduled in-class sessions according to their group placements. If you will be needing Gradual Entry care for your kindergarten child, please let us know. (KOSC will also provide care for all Kindergarten children registered in After School Care starting at 1:00pm for the early dismissal on Wednesday, September 16th and Thursday, September 17th).

In addition to the return-to-class plan, School District 63 has also announced that they will be providing a remote learning option for students. If your child is registered in Before and/or After School Care and will be enrolling in remote learning, please let KOSC know.

If your child does not require care in September, whether due to enrollment in remote learning or changes in care needs due to COVID-19, you have two options:

  • continue to pay monthly fees to hold your space, reducing days of care if desired, or
  • cancel your space and, if desired, place your child on the waitlist for care dependent on need and availability later in the school year.

Due to our program expansion, we anticipate that our waitlist will be greatly reduced this year, assuming that we are able to operate at our full intended capacity within COVID-19 protocols. While we cannot guarantee that spaces will be immediately available at any given time during the 2020-21 school year, movement on the waitlist should be much faster this year than in any previous years.

If you will be making changes to your child’s registration in Before and/or After School Care, please let us know no later than Friday, September 4th.

Because of these highly unusual circumstances, please note that September Before and After School Care fees will not be withdrawn via Pre-Authorized Debit on September 1st as originally planned; they will instead come out on September 15th. As previously mentioned, these fees will be reduced to reflect the week of closure.

I know that many parents have questions and concerns at this time, and I apologize for any delay in response to emails and phone calls. Hopefully this email will provide an answer for some of these uncertainties; please feel free to contact me for clarifications. There is still a lot that we do not know about what the “new normal” is going to look like, and I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together to ensure that KOSC remains a safe and happy place for everyone.

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Phone Number

I have finally gotten everything sorted out with Telus and our phone line has been switched over to our previous number. You can reach us at 250-652-5546.

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Temporary phone number

There has been a bit of a mix-up with the transfer of our phone services from our old office in the Pirate Portable to our new set-up in the Lower Building — the existing phone number was supposed to be transferred over to a new line, but that has not happened yet.

I have managed to get our phone hooked up to the existing phone line as a temporary solution and am working on getting the phone number switched over to our old one (250-652-5546). In the meantime, you can reach KOSC at 250-652-6332.

Email communication is still preferred, especially for things like requesting or changing days of care.

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IMPORTANT: KOSC Summer Program Registration and COVID-19 Information (Updated June 3)

After careful consideration, KOSC has decided to reopen our program effective June 29th for summer care. However, we will be implementing a number of precautions in order to ensure that children, staff, and families remain safe while COVID-19 remains a threat.

Our centre’s COVID-19 Health and Wellness Policies and Protocols have been developed as a collaboration between the Program Manager and the KOSC Board of Directors, with input from KOSC staff, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). All families registering for summer care are required to read, understand, and abide by these policies.

COVID-19 Health and Wellness Policies and Protocols

Due to these unprecedented circumstances, our summer programming will be very different this year. Our creative, hard-working KOSC leaders are doing their best to plan crafts and games that can be adapted to a socially-distanced environment, but we will be unable to offer many of our normal activities, including field trips. Unfortunately, this means that the Youth Adventure Program (YAP) will not be running this year in its usual form, though all children are welcome to attend our regular summer program. The calendar and planned activities are subject to change.

KOSC Summer Calendar 2020

Please ensure that you have read and understood our Summer Policies, as there are many changes this year due to the unusual situation we are in.

KOSC Policies for Summer Break Camp Program 2020

Here is the sign-up form for the KOSC Summer Camp program. Registration will start on Thursday June 4th for all families at 7:00am on a first-come, first-served basis; however, priority will be given to families whose children were regularly enrolled in Before and/or After School Care as of March 2020. Please note that we will only be accepting registrations via email ( this year.

KOSC Summer Registration 2020

NEW! KOSC Summer Registration 2020 – fillable (can be filled out on your computer)

The form above is just the sign-up form for summer. All children attending our programs must also have a full registration package on file, so if your child has never attended KOSC before, please ensure that you complete the following forms, attaching all necessary documentation (photo, immunization records, etc) and submit it along with your summer registration form and PAD authorization.

KOSC Registration Package

All families registering for KOSC Summer Camp will need to complete a Summer PAD Authorization Form, no exceptions. We are unable to take cash or cheque payments. If you have previously submitted a PAD form and your banking information hasn’t changed, you do not need to attach a void cheque or official bank statement of account.

Pre-Authorized Debit Instructions Summer 2020

Pre-Authorized Debit Summer 2020

NEW! Pre-Authorized Debit Summer 2020 – fillable (can be filled out on your computer)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Program Manager (Rachel).

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IMPORTANT: Temporary Closure Effective Wednesday, March 18th

The Keating Out-of-School Care Board of Directors held an emergency meeting via teleconference tonight to decide the best course of action in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. After heavy deliberation, the Board has made the difficult decision to shut down our centre for the time being. This temporary closure will take effect as of tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th, and will continue until further notice.

This closure means that we will not be running Spring Break Camp for the remainder of the break. Families registered for Spring Break Camp will not be charged fees for any spots during the days of closure. Fees will still be charged for March 16th and 17th.

This temporary closure will have significant and lasting ramifications for our programs, our staff, and of course our KOSC families. The Board of Directors will be having another meeting this Friday, March 20th to discuss the logistics of the closure beyond Spring Break and to ensure that we are adequately prepared to resume operations once the threat of COVID-19 has been contained. I will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

As Program Manager, I sincerely regret any additional stress and inconvenience that our closure will cause for our KOSC families during what has already been a very difficult and uncertain time. This is an unprecedented situation, and the decision to close was not made lightly; however, at this time, we feel that it is the best way for us to protect the health and safety of children, families, and staff, which has always been our top priority.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding throughout this public health emergency, and we look forward to reopening once it is safe to do so.

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COVID-19 Update (Tuesday, March 17th)

There still has not been a clear directive from Island Health or the provincial government in regards to childcare centres. While both John Horgan and Dr. Bonnie Henry have discussed the importance of childcare for essential workers, there has been little in the way of guidance for childcare providers, especially in light of the announcement earlier today that school will be cancelled indefinitely for K-12 students.

The KOSC Board of Directors will be having an emergency meeting tonight to discuss the best course of action based on the information that we have. Please keep an eye on your emails and this KOSC website for an update late tonight.

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Many of you have probably been keeping up with the latest announcements this morning in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the press conference with BC Health Minister Adrian Dix and provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. For those who have not heard, the provincial government has announced a ban on gatherings of 50 or more people. An announcement regarding schools will be made tomorrow.

I have contacted Island Health to find out what that means for licensed childcare facilities such as ours, as we have between 50-75 children registered on most days of Spring Break Camp. The person I spoke with told me that Island Health will be having a meeting this afternoon to discuss the implications of the latest developments and should have an update for us by this evening. Additionally, the KOSC Board of Directors will be holding an emergency meeting tomorrow evening to approve a formal policy response to the ongoing pandemic.

We will continue to provide updates as we receive more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Spring Break Camp and COVID-19 Update

I wanted to provide a quick update in regards to Spring Break Camp and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. There have been concerns from parents and staff alike as the situation continues to escalate, and I want you to know that they are being heard and acknowledged. As always, our first and foremost priority remains the safety and well-being of the children in our care, as well as our staff and the community at large.

At this point in time, we are planning to open tomorrow for Spring Break Camp, taking all the precautions mentioned in our previous email, including changes to planned field trips and activities. The Board of Directors has been hard at work on a more comprehensive pandemic response policy. We hope to have this out to families in the next day or two.

This situation continues to develop, and circumstances are changing on a day-by-day basis. We recognize that this is a stressful and uncertain time for many families, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as KOSC determines the best course of action to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or questions.

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