KOSC Summer Mega-Post!

Hello KOSC families!

Summer is just around the corner, and we are looking forward to more fun in the sun! KOSC staff have worked hard to put together a fun and engaging calendar of field trips and activities. Check it out!

July KOSC Summer Camp Calendar

August KOSC Summer Camp Calendar

Please make sure to read over the following Summer Registration Policies carefully.

KOSC Summer Policies 2019

Here is the sign-up form for the KOSC Summer Camp program. Early Bird Registration will start on Friday May 3rd for current members with at least one regular space in Before or After School Care and on Friday May 10th for all other families. Please note that there are separate Early Bird deadlines for Weeks 1-5 and Weeks 6-9.

Summer 2019 Registration Form

The form above is just the sign-up form for summer. All children attending our programs must also have a full registration package on file, so if your child has never attended KOSC before, please ensure that you complete the following forms, attaching all necessary documentation (photo, immunization records, etc) and submit it along with your summer registration form and PAD authorization.

Registration Package Final 2018-19

If your child will be starting kindergarten in September 2019, they may still attend KOSC Summer Camp; however, as they are not yet considered “school-age” until their first day of kindergarten, we will need to apply for an exemption from Vancouver Island Health Authority. In order to complete the application, we will need you to submit a letter stating why you feel that it will be beneficial for them to participate in the program. Here is a useful template for composing the letter.

Kindergarten Exemption Letter Template

Our Youth Adventure Program (YAP) is open to children who will be going into Grade 4 or higher in September 2019. Our programs are licensed for children up to the age of 12; if your child will be turning 13 over the summer, please speak to the Program Manager or Youth Coordinator about obtaining an exemption. Registration dates are the same as for KOSC Summer Camp.

July YAP Summer Calendar

August YAP Summer Calendar

YAP 2019 Registration Form

YAP Summer Policies 2019

All families registering for KOSC Summer Camp or YAP will need to complete a Summer PAD Authorization Form. If you have previously submitted a PAD form and your banking information hasn’t changed, you do not need to attach a void cheque or official bank statement of account.

PAD Agreement Instructions Summer 2019

PAD Authorization Summer 2019

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Program Manager (Rachel). We hope to see you this summer!

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Current Member Re-Confirmation Documents

The reconfirmation period for current members (families registered for at least one weekly space in Before and/or After School Care as of January 1st, 2019) will begin on March 1st and go until March 15th. Here are the documents you will need to complete the re-confirmation process:

Re-Confirmation Package 2019-20

PAD Authorization 2019-20

PAD Agreement Instructions 2019-20

Parent Agreement 2019-20

Registration Information Sheet 2019-20

Fees 2019-2020

Younger siblings of current members may be registered during the re-confirmation period. New families may request to be added to the waitlist at any time. For any child who has not previously attended our programs, we require that a registration package be completed.

Registration Package Final 2019-20

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Early Bird Registration and Cancellation Deadline – Monday June 3rd

Just a friendly reminder that Monday, June 3rd is the last day of the Early Bird Registration period for Weeks 1 through 5 of both the KOSC Summer Camp and Youth Adventure Programs. After June 3rd, the cost per day will go from $35/day to $40/day for all days in Weeks 1 through 5.

June 3rd is also the deadline to change or cancel any days of care during those first five weeks. Once the Early Bird Registration period has ended, all registrations are considered final; no switching or changes will be permitted, and you will be charged for all days of care that you have signed up for regardless of whether your child attends on those days. If you request any additional days of care once the Early Bird deadline has passed, the $40/day rate will apply and they will be noncancellable and nonrefundable once your space is confirmed.

Please note that June 3rd is only the deadline for Weeks 1 through 5. You may continue to make changes to your registration for Weeks 6 through 9, including cancelling days of care, until July 2nd.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Summer Program Registration Information

Just a head’s up that activity calendars and registration information for our summer programs (KOSC Summer Camp and Youth Adventure Program) will be posted on the website early next week. We’d hoped to have them ready this week but are still working out a few details with field trips and activities.

Registration dates remain unchanged — May 3rd for families with children currently enrolled in Before and/or After School Care, and May 10th for all others (including drop-in families and those whose children do not attend Keating Elementary).

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April Newsletter

Here is the newsletter for April:

April 2019

A lot of parents have been asking about registration for our summer programs — check out the newsletter for all the details!

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March Newsletter, ASC Calendar, and reminders

It’s so nice to see the sunshine again — perhaps Spring is finally on its way. Here is the March newsletter, as well as the After School Care activity calendar.

March 2019

March ASC Calendar

Also, as a reminder, today is both the last day of Early Bird Registration for Spring Break. After today, the rate for Spring Break Camp goes from $35/day to $40/day. This is also the last day to change or cancel any days of care that you have already requested without being charged. All cancellations and changes must be made in writing (email is fine).

Today is also the first day of the current member re-confirmation period. When submitting your re-confirmation forms, please ensure that your Pre-Authorized Debit form is filled out, as well, including the amount of monthly fees that will be withdrawn.
Have a wonderful day!

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Current Member Re-Confirmation Forms available tomorrow

Hello everyone,

Many families have been asking about forms for current member re-confirmation for 2019-20. Although we had intended to have them available as of February 15th, we have been busy catching up on a number of things as a result of the snow closures last week, so we have not yet gotten the updated forms finished.

The forms will be available on the website and in hard copy from Pirate Portable tomorrow (February 20th). We apologize for any inconvenience as a result of this delay. Current member re-confirmation will begin on March 1st and will run until March 15th.

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